Sewed my old dreadlocks onto my new dreadlocks......and it worked wonderfully :)

topic posted Fri, March 26, 2010 - 7:22 PM by  puella
So its been a long time since I checked this tribe but recently got a photo comment and it inspired me to update. Three years ago I shaved my dreads that I had been growing for 6+years
and on my birthday in november, exactly three years to the date of shaving them....I decided to reattach them to my new dreads that I started a year before...... I couldnt find any real info on how to do it successfully, especially for so many dreads, but I just kinda went with it and the results are wonderful. Ive now had them reattached for over four months and have posted pics of some before and after shots. I use henna now for some lovely effects, and to protect the dreads from harsh chemicals (which I used alot a long time ago!)

maybe this will help someone who is grieving a set of shaved locks, who held onto them :)
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  • Hello! I also got my dreadlocks cut off about 6 months ago! I don't have the hair anymore but I'd like to attach human hair dread extenders to the hair I have on my head now. Could you please please write back and explain exactly how you reattached the old dreads to your new ones? I've tried to find out exactly how to do it and I will be using a crochet hook and a needle and thread to sew them back on. I had a hard time figuring out the crochet method before when I had dreads so I'll probably rely more on the sewing part. Your hair looks great and if you could give any tips or instructions that would be so awesome! Thank you! :)
    • I've sewn my old locks onto new ones a couple times now, and done it for others. I don;t use a crochet hook. All you need is a sewing needle, thread the same (or similar colour) as your hair), and a tapestry/wool needle. Double-thread the regular sewing needle. Knot it at the end a couple times (to create a large knot). Insert it into old lock or newly-created lock, right down the middle about an inch or so, so that the knot lodges inside the lock tightly. bring it back up through the middle again, so the needle and thread is coming up out of the top of the lock. Then insert needle into the lock attached to your head, again, through the middle a couple inches. pull thread tight, so the two locks join-up. insert needle again, and go back down towards the joint...but now insert again through an inch or so of the bit being sewn-on. Repeat this a bunch of times. Knot-off. Then use wool or tapestry needle to thread loose hairs back into lock. When I do it, the joins are never noticeable. Great method :)

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