Washing new dreadlocks and scalp spray

topic posted Mon, April 23, 2012 - 12:36 AM by  Anne
Hello! I'm Anne. I'm new here. I am getting dreadlocks for the second time on may 2. First time in five years though. I have heard and read so many different opinions on washing them in the beginning. Not washing at all is not an option for me, but I also don't want to over wash. I live in a really dry climate, and my scalp gets kind of itchy if I don't wash it often. I have the knotty boy shampoo bar to use.
I was also curious as to what homemade remedies you may have found for a dry/itchy scalp in the beginning because the last time I had dreads I always got itchy. Tips and tricks appreciated!
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    Mon, April 23, 2012 - 7:08 PM
    For baby locks I always recommend diluting, which is a little more difficult with a bar (personally, I found KB bar to make me itchy and dandruffy! I found DHQH liquid shampoo worked best for me), but maybe shave a little off and dilute in hot water, in a bottle? Just wet baby locks, pour diluted shampoo over and rinse well (squeezing and patting). Wash at least once a week. Don't forego washing like some suggest...dirty hair does not like to dread properly lol. Let air-dry. For itches, use either (or both) peppermint or neem essential oils, diluted in spray, sprayed on scalp only (not length of locks, cos that'll cause them to get oily faster)...and I would NOT recommend them whilst locks are still forming, or you're gonna have difficulty getting them locked - oil causes hair to seperate, when, for locks, you want them matting together lol...
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    Tue, April 24, 2012 - 8:53 PM
    Washing your baby dreads should be fine. Try not to wash the first week if you can. Some people recommend the first two but I just needed to. I recommend washing your hair every 3-5 days after that, but I started out using a baking soda soak. A lot of people told me I should and it worked nicely. (Baking soda, water, random oils.) I didn't want to buy any knotty boy products. For the itchy scalp if you try the baking soda rinse thing, add a couple drops of tea tree oil to it and it soothes the scalp. If not, tea tree shampoo is great too.

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